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Pensions and retirement

July 18, 2010


Lately I've been thinking about pension funds. (This is partly due to examining the art buying efforts of the British Rail Pension Fund in my research.) There was an interesting article by Lowenstein about why US municipalities are being hamstrung by high pension obligations in the New York Times (here), with quite critical letters pointing out that in the case of teachers, they were trading lower salaries for higher pensions later, and that states and municipalities had been essentially shorting their pension funds, contributing less than they should have due to... let us say overly optimistic assumptions about investment returns (letters here). So this has gotten me thinking about the situation for nonprofits, particularly in the arts.

Can we think of art investment as socially responsible investment?

March 10, 2010


When conducting my research on the use of artwork as a financial investment, I came across some interesting justifications for investing in art from some of the finance-side interviewees. In addition to the typical comments about portfolio diversification, some people, along with some of the background readings, suggested that we could envision art as a […]

Introduction: Erica Coslor

November 16, 2009


Hello everyone, thanks for joining us. I’m Erica Coslor and I’m currently finishing up my doctoral dissertation in Sociology at the University of Chicago. I had the pleasure of meeting my co-bloggers back in June when we took part in a paper writing workshop at UTexas, Austin. In the company of these fine nonprofit researchers, […]


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